Are ghosts real?

I know Halloween was last month but I’ve been so busy recently that I completely forgot I had a blog!! So please enjoy this slightly late post on the science behind ghosts!

Why are insects so small?

Millions of years before we humans existed, insects were a lot larger than they are now. But why did they get so tiny? And could they get bigger again? On the flip side, why are whales so big? And could they also get any bigger?

The lion on your lap: My obsession with cats

Cats have got to be my favourite animal in the world. Their behaviours, senses, and confidence just fascinate me. So here’s an entire post about my love of cats. In this I talk about how they came to be, and why they make better partners than people!

Time to go vegan?

Switching to a vegan diet is considered one of the best ways to save the planet. In this post I talk about veganism in the past, present and what you can do going into the future.

The Homosexuality Paradox

Homosexuality is just another expression of biodiversity. It’s more common in the world than we think. I spoke to evolutionary biologist Professor Daniel Pincheira-Donoso about the evolution of homosexuality, why it’s a paradox, and why we might all be slightly gay. (Written as part of my MA Journalism Final Project, submitted September 2019)

Fighting racism with science.

Racism does not exist in nature. Race is not defined in biology. Race has come about as a social construct. Race exists because we can perceive it. So why is racism seen in humans today? And how can we stop it?

The unbeelievable work of the bees

May 20th marked World Bee Day. This post shines a light into the extraordinary work of bees and their importance to both the environment and the economy.

It’s Corona Time

Unless you’ve been living under a rock on Mars for the past few months, you might be aware that there’s just the small matter of a global pandemic going on. The COVID-19 virus has now caused the whole world to come to a stand still while we try to get it under control. During these … Continue reading It’s Corona Time

The future of the human race

I spoke to evolutionary biologist Professor Daniel Pincheira-Donoso who uses his knowledge to give us his predictions about the future of humans. (This was written as part of my MA Journalism Final Project submitted in September 2019.)

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